St. Maries, Idaho

Young Living St. Maries Farm
701 North Fork Coon Creek Rd.
St. Maries, Idaho 83861
(208) 245-2745

The St. Maries, Idaho farm provides:
Lavender, Melissa, Tansy

St. Maries, Idaho, is the farm where it all started. It was established by D. Gary Young in 1993 when he brought lavender seeds from Provence, France, and planted them on what is now the St. Maries farm. This farm grows favorite botanicals for distillation, including melissa, tansy, and lavender.

Previous to Young Living’s 1992 purchase of the land for the St. Maries farm, this area had never been exposed to chemicals, pesticides or man-made fertilizers. This pristine condition makes the 200 acres of soil perfect for the cultivation of botanicals such as melissa, lavender, and tansy.

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The St. Maries, Idaho farm on the map.

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